Index of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

Jul 07, 2022 Index

Index of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

When Stranger Things season 4 posters were released, the ominous slogan “Every ending has a beginning” was revealed. With the release of Volume 2, we can say that the programme delivered on its promise, with the two-hour-plus conclusion setting up the fifth and final season, in which Vecna (we assume) unleashes the forces of the Upside Down to level Hawkins and take over the world.

After establishing the adversary as the most powerful monster in Stranger Things history in Volume 1, the Hawkins gang moved on the offensive, attacking Vecna on numerous fronts (and multiple continents). Read on for a breakdown of what happened depending on the various locations of the Hawkins team.

Volume 2 begins with Eleven emerging from the Nina tank flashback and Vecna releasing Nancy from her trance with a message. He shows her a vision of gigantic gates tearing through Hawkins, four grandfather clock chimes, and an army of monsters emerging to destroy everyone, including her family. The youngsters discover why Vecna’s clock chimes four times: he needs to activate four gates to create a massive rip through the barrier between dimensions. He’s only one kill away from completing his plan.

Max and Nancy devise their own four-phase strategy to bring the fight to Vecna before he claims anyone else. Erica will first place herself at the playground as Max and Lucas enter the surface Creel House and Steve, Nancy, and Robin enter the Upside Down Creel House. Second, Max will entice Vecna into a trance, leaving Vecna’s physical body defenceless. Third, Eddie and Dustin will entice the bats that guard the UD Creel House to flee. Finally, Steve and company will break into the unsecured house and murder Vecna while his body is unconscious.

The idea is sound, but attacking Vecna without the full force of the Hawkins crew (including Eleven and Hopper) would be disastrous. Fortunately, Eleven’s astral projection and Hopper’s military contacts both figure out how to assist the attack from afar. El’s strategy is the inspiration for the episode’s title, “Piggyback”: El would project into Max’s head and piggyback off her to enter the trance and finally defeat Vecna.

Okay, there’s clearly a lot of action in the Russia storyline to recap, but the most essential thing is the JOPPER KISS! So much history has led up to this! So many fans’ wishes were granted! We even got another one that wasn’t scripted (opens in new tab)! (Many thanks to David Harbour and Winona Ryder.) Everything about the Jopper ship trip was delightful and true to the characters, from Hopper joking about dreaming about the food at Enzo’s to their profound faith in each other when suggesting the idea to return to the prison, despite everyone else’s scepticism.

Speaking of the prison, we learned a lot about the Upside Down via Jopper and company’s discovery of the Russians’ hidden lab, where they were allegedly dissecting a demogorgon when Hopper was rescued. They managed to obtain some particles identical to those that emitted from Will after his connection to the Mind Flayer was severed in season 2. When the grownups learn that the kids are on their way to confront Vecna, Joyce plans to flambé the particles and weaken the Upside Down hive mind while the youngsters fight.

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When Hopper, Murray, and Joyce return to the prison, the particles have been liberated from the damaged tank and have reanimated the demogorgon and demodog museum. Though it appears to be a close call (with Hopper pinned down by a demodog during the mid-battle “are they really going to lose?” montage), the grownups succeed in torching the creatures as the other teams attack Vecna. They glance up to see that former guard Dmitri has actually convinced Yuri to fly Katinka the helicopter, assisting in the group’s second escape from the prison.