Rampage full movie in hindi download filmywap

Jul 27, 2021 Movie News

Rampage Full Movie in Hindi Download Filmywap

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson), a man who keeps people away, shares an unbreakable bond with George, the exceptionally intelligent, silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a wicked genetic experiment turns this gentle ape into a fiery monster.

To make matters worse, it is soon revealed that there are other similar alpha hunters. As these newly created monsters tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye makes his way through an ever-changing battlefield, with a disgraced genetic engineer to secure an antidote. Fighting, not only to prevent a global catastrophe but to save the terrifying creature that was once his friend.

Rampage Full Movie in Hindi Download Filmywap

  • Release date: 13 April 2018 (India)
  • Director: Brad Peyton
  • Box office: 42.8 crores USD
  • Budget: 12 crores USD (2018)
  • Language: English
  • Producers: Brad Peyton, Beau Flynn, Hiram Garcia, John Rickard

Rampage is refined like a fine wine, a subtle, subtle blend of Dwayne Johnson, a giant albino gorilla and Hammy the villain. From the brilliant minds behind San Andreas, the film is yet another doom-filled ordeal that presumably leaves the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson and Guillermo del Toro, unable to participate in such a smart production, wondering how their careers got ruined. .

Based on a popular arcade game from the 80s, Rampage is about three giant creatures wreaking havoc on human cities. Davis (Dwayne Johnson) is the primatologist and handler of one of the creatures, George the gorilla. While the creatures destroy everything in their path, Davis teams up with Dr. Chadwell (Naomi Harris) and Agent Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to stop them.

Review: Rampage, as the name suggests, is a movie about giant creatures tearing apart the civilized world. As you’d expect from this genre faithful, a giant albino gorilla, a Godzilla-like crocodile and a giant wolf run rampant in the human world, an abundance of loud and horrifying violence.

His only foil is a Hulk-sized Dwayne Johnson, playing a hybrid of the characters he’s played in films like Journey 2 The Mysterious Island, San Andreas, Jumanji and Welcome to the Jungle/The Rundown. Like most creature features, Rampage is a film with a simple premise. Giant mutated creatures will smash and break everything in sight, while muscular heroes and their band of benevolent individuals try to save the day.

The original smash ’em up game was all about smashing and climbing buildings. The film scales up those seemingly simple actions with sci-fi upgrades. Here, a science experiment on advanced genetics on a space station, like Ridley Scott’s alien, goes horribly wrong.

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Mutagen crashes to Earth and it turns a mean wolf, crocodile and an alien looking gorilla into giant scary monsters. The company behind the experiments is led by greedy sister-brother duo Claire (Malin Ackerman) and Brett Wyden (Jake Lacey), who only care about profiting from the organic Armageddon at hand. In the ensuing devastation of creatures running around Chicago, the US Army joins Davis and his friends to record and prevent the doom.

The action is captured quite effectively in Rampage. In movies like The Avengers or Man of Steel, the sights of blowing up cars and smashing skyscrapers don’t get dizzy. Though it is not a superhero film, the Crash and Burn action sequences certainly give the impression of one.

Dwayne Johnson fights against these monsters as if he were a superhero. Thankfully, there is no OTT sequence featuring killing creatures. But his onscreen charisma is big enough to keep you hooked to the film.

The biggest drawback of Rampage, however, is its predictability. Every set of this film has been done in films such as King Kong, Godzilla and Johnson’s own San Andreas. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Cowboys super agent is a big put-off though. The same goes for Naomi Harris who plays the shrewd scientist like a young woman in crisis.

Rampage full movie download

Despite the pastiche form, director Brad Peyton still manages to make this goofy-action fest a fun ride. His movie isn’t the smartest movie ever, but it does serve up some good fan boy moments. The camaraderie between Gorilla and Dwayne Johnson is good, bringing an element of humor to the film of this otherwise generic ending world. It is definitely worth seeing once.