Toilet movie download in hindi filmywap

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Toilet movie download in hindi filmywap

Toilet ek prem katha full movie download coolmoviez

Toilet movie download in hindi filmywap: The film begins with Keshav (Akshay Kumar) and his girlfriend (Sana Khan). Both are married to different people. Once he sends her off, Keshav goes back home to attend his wedding. There, his brother, Naru (Divyendu Sharma), and his father, Panditji (Sudhir Pandey), are waiting at his ‘mandap’ with his future bride, Mallika. It turns out, Mallika is his buffalo, that Keshav needs to get married to remove the ‘dosh’ in his horoscope.

Toilet ek prem katha full movie Story

  • Release date: 11 August 2017 (India)
  • Director: Shree Narayan Singh
  • Budget: 32 crores INR
  • Producers: Neeraj Pandey, Shital Bhatia, Arjun N. Kapoor, Aruna Bhatia, Hitesh Thakkar
  • Music director: Sachet Tandon, Vickey Prasad, Surinder Sodhi

After getting married in the presence of village people and Keshav’s family, Pandit ji reveals another twist in Keshav’s marriage. He says that he will marry him only to a girl who has 2 thumbs on his right hand, because of another ‘dosha’ in his ‘Kundli’. Keshav and Naru then embark on a small business trip to get raw materials for their cycle shop.

When Keshav is urinating through the unbroken door on the train, Jaya (Bhumi Pednekar) pounces on him. The two then engage in a joke, and when Bhumi finally confronts her, Keshav falls over heels for her. Their next encounter is when Keshav, who doesn’t know his Jaya’s home, goes to deliver a cycle.

From here a long chase session ensues, as Keshav follows Jaya and clicks her pictures. When Jaya sees her picture on the hoarding of Keshav’s bicycle, she storms into his office to take it down. The next time they see each other at a Holi celebration, Jaya eventually scolds Keshav for following her, to which Keshav promises that he will never be around her again.

A confused Jaya then begins to sense Keshav’s absence around her, and comes to his office once again, but only to confess her love. The two then start dating and Keshav contacts Jaya’s family to help her get married. Jaya’s family agrees, and the trio, Keshav, Jaya and Naru, plan to apply prosthetics to Jaya’s thumb to persuade her father to marry her.

After the wedding, Jaya learns that Keshav’s village does not have toilets, and the women collectively go to the forest in the morning to do their business, calling this group the lota party. On the first day, a reluctant Jaya Lota joins the party, but is unable to follow the rules of the village and defecate in the open. She comes back home and asks Keshav to build a toilet for her. Keshav tries to talk to his father over lunch, but he flatly refuses to do so because of Indian culture.

Pandit ji gets angry and leaves the food as it is. The next day, Keshav comes up with the idea of ​​taking Jaya to the Pradhan’s house, as theirs was the only house in the village with a toilet. Jaya comes back and tells Keshav to find a better solution, as it may not be permanent. Keshav takes Jaya to a farm and a turn of events ensure that her father-in-law sees her while she is defecating.

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This incident leaves Jaya incensed, and she categorically refuses to do it again. Keshav then finds another way, to take Jaya on a train when it stops near the village for exactly 7 minutes. Things go smoothly for a while until Jaya stops in the bathroom and leaves the train. Jaya then decides that she will not return to her in-laws’ house until they build a toilet.

The news gets publicity and a heartbroken Keshav also decides to win Jaya back and does everything possible for the same. After trying his luck with the panchayat, Keshav goes to the Ministry of Sanitation in Lucknow and the government official tells him how, the scams he threatened were not the biggest reason for the lack of toilets in his village. He then decided to file a PIL. When he learns that it will take almost a year for the government to take any action, he goes home and starts building a toilet against his father’s wishes.

Keshav wakes up loudly the next day after the toilet is built. When he goes out, he finds men breaking toilets on the orders of his father and the sarpanch. He beats them all up and tells his father to demolish his ‘Taj Mahal’ for Jaya. When Jaya learns about this, she comes up with a plan and they file for divorce.

After knowing about this, the media goes crazy for the story and all the channels cover it. When the Chief Minister comes to know about this, he orders his peon to close the toilets in all the offices that the file sanctioning the construction of toilets in Keshav’s village will pass through, the philosophy behind this was that Once government officials in these offices sensed the couple’s pain, they would act swiftly.

On the day of Jaya and Keshav’s divorce hearing, other women from the village reach the courthouse to file a divorce and follow in Jaya’s footsteps. During the hearing, the judge receives a notice from the CM’s office, and rejects the appeal for divorce. It was said in the letter that the common toilet of Keshav’s village has been approved. Back at Keshav’s house, his grandmother collapses while leaving for the toilet in the morning. fate is, that, P