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D Block Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p Filmywap

D Block Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p Filmywap: Campus-based stories, particularly about engineering life, are aplenty these days. Of late, films like Hridayam and Don found great reception because they instantly struck a chord with their target audience.

D Block is also set in a similar backdrop — in an engineering college in Coimbatore — but it chooses to traverse a different path by unfolding a chilling horror story, which is said to be based on real events.

The campus in D Block is not just in any other isolated area — it’s surrounded by a thick forest. Now, this is an excellent setting for a thriller, and writer-director Vijay Kumar Rajendran has made the best of it.

D Block Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p Filmywap

Movie Name: D Block
Directed By: Vijay Kumar
Release Date: July 1, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Girl students of AKR Engineering College are often mysteriously found dead. To save their reputation, the authorities conveniently blame it on the wild animals.

It takes a suspicious Arul (Arulnithi) and his friends to crack the mystery and motive behind these killings. It’s not soon before they find out that there’s a psycho killer at work here. Like how it’s usually done in such narratives, he gets a backstory — thankfully, a strong and plausible one.

Even though there are no supernatural elements, D Block has the mood of a horror film, especially during the night scenes. You always get the sense of a potential danger looming large, and it gets elevated with some effectively done jump-scares.

D Block Movie Download in 480p

Like in a typical horror film, characters wander at night and go to places that they have been warned about. We see shadows and glimpses of a huge black figure that sends chills down the spine.

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All this build-up feels justified because the threat here is a psycho killer with a truly frightening demeanour. In this film, the hero is a normal guy who uses his acumen to find the pattern between the killings.

However, the killer is more like a superhuman you don’t want to mess with. Charandeep, who plays the role, looks the part perfectly thanks to his towering physique, and with his performance, he is convincing enough to incite disgust and fear.

D Block Movie Download in 1080p

YouTuber Vijay Kumar Rajendran could have put a lot of thought into writing this piece. The first half is a drag while the second half is quite decent.

He did succeed in keeping things interesting here and there, especially the thrill moments, but not enough to hold the audience’s attention given the lazy writing.

Some of his choices are bound to make the audience laugh at serious moments, which is not a good thing considering the fact that the film’s genre is a thriller. The film never takes itself really seriously.

D Block Movie Download Filmywap

The dialogues lack completeness and sometimes it seems like no one in the film cares about how the dialogues do not make any sense. For instance, there is a moment where the lead actress asks the hero, “Will he come?”, to which he says.

“Yes. He will DEFINITELY come”. She then asks, “Are you sure?”, to which he says, “He might or might not come.” This takes place in a matter of 5 seconds and the dialogues are already contradicting themselves.

This happens frequently throughout the film and is not something you can look past since it is very prominent. Other than that, dialogues between characters in the college episodes are well done and made very clear.

D Block Movie Download

The film is not something that would make audiences stand in their seats and pump their fists up in the air as some of the most serious moments don’t lend the intended impact.Considering the fact that D Block is Vijay’s debut directorial, the film does have its own share of issues, with regards to writing and filmmaking.