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Going Places Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p

Going Places Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p: Jean-Claude (Gerard Depardieu) and Pierrot (Patrick DeVaire) are badasses. They are not experts, but they are capable enough to make their way through France by knocking on shops and picking up cars.

He also has a lot of sexual conquests, including one with the young, hottie Marie-Ange (Miu-Miu) and the older ex-con, Jean (Jean Moreau).

But the pair is not comfortable; In addition to their crimes, they mistreat women without remorse – which can come back to haunt them.

Going Places Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Going Places
Directed By: Bertrand Blier
Release Date: May 13, 1974
Size: 400 Mb

Despite its occasional charm, its several amusing moments and the touching scenes played by Jeanne Moreau, “Going Places” is a film of truly cynical decadence.

It’s also, not incidentally, the most misogynistic movie I can remember; its hatred of women is palpable and embarrassing. There are laughs in it, yes, but how could anyone take this as a comedy?

Its story involved two loutish, brutal and unclean young men, Jean-Claude and Pierrot, who drift about France endlessly in a series of stolen cars. As a pastime, they terrorize old women, rape younger ones, beat up people whose looks they don’t like, rob, pillage and vandalize.

Going Places Movie Download 480p

And even at that, it’s not their actions that offend us; It’s the movie’s attitude toward them. I guess they’re supposed to come off as pathetic anti-heroes, driven to their cretinism out of terminal ennui.

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The movie opens with our heroes chasing, taunting and goosing a fat middle-aged lady before threatening her with rape and taking her money.

That’s the cue for some “Bonnie and Clyde”-style country music, as they make their getaway, steal a car, hitch a ride on a train and prepare for the scene that exploits a woman most gratuitously.

Going Places Movie Download 720p

The train is empty except for a woman nursing her child, and they use and humiliate her in a way that made me feel unhappy to be in the theater. This sort of material isn’t a commentary on dehumanization; it’s depraved in its own right.

In any event, not much further on down the road they kidnap a dumb blond (that’s the only term for her, as portrayed) and she comes along as a sort of sexual punching bag.

They terrorize a family having a picnic, they rob a doctor who treats their wounds, they rob a 16-year-old of her virginity, and they perform various other activities of the sort relished by immature fetishists (even their fetishes lack imagination).

Going Places Movie Download 1080p

They share everything — stolen loot, hypochondria, boredom, women and, when there are no women, each other.At the beginning of the film, which opened yesterday at the Cinema 2, Jean-Claude and Pierrot rough up a middle-aged woman of faint heart and large pocketbook.

They scare hell out of her but don’t get around to rape. They later steal a car and kidnap a dim-witted blonde who doesn’t mind being kidnapped at all, though she doesn’t like getting shot at and beaten up, which the boys do, not so much out of viciousness as out of impatience.

By the end of the film, after some funny, horrendous adventures that take them aimlessly from one end of France to the other, Jean-Claude and Pierrot have clearly become the victims.

Going Places Movie Download

They are the pursued, doomed like that mythical bird Tennessee Williams sometimes writes about, the one that must spend its entire life flying, since evolution has denied it landing gear.”Going Places” is handsome, mock-tough and thoroughly empty-headed, like Jean-Claude and Pierrot.