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Iravin Nizhal Movie Download 480p 720p Full Hd

Iravin Nizhal Movie Download 480p 720p Full Hd: Irwin Nizall follows his protagonist through a harrowing path filled with memories of his dark past.

Propelled by crackling energy, sustained pace and technical derring-do, veteran actor-writer-director Radhakrishnan Parthiban’s Iravin Nizhal (Shadow of the Night) is a single-shot film of phenomenal power and ambition.

Iravin Nizhal Movie Download 480p 720p

The cinematic bildungsroman spans half a century and pans out across multiple locations to tell a twisted story of a beleaguered man who is left to count his losses in the fiftieth year of a topsy-turvy, tragedy-ridden life that has taken a heavy toll on his mental and emotional health.

Every film that Radhakrishnan Parthiban directs is a Parthiban Kanavu (Parthiban’s Dream). Ever since he made his directorial debut, Pudhiya Paadhai (1989), he has tried to bring newness to Tamil cinema.

Newness can sometimes be daunting, too, because it may fail to create an impact and, therefore, drive the movies toward obscurity. Many of his movies have disappeared without a trace that way. But he has bounced back every single time. And because he doesn’t aim to make box office bonanzas, his missteps aren’t appalling.

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The making video is a guidebook on passion and perseverance. And I’m sure that its beauty will bewitch future filmmakers. Parthiban thinks the unthinkable and pushes a boulder up a hill.

And that’s why it doesn’t give me the same amount of pleasure to dive into the details of the second half where the real story and screenplay are present. I’m not unconcerned about Nandu’s journey.

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I keenly observed the hardship he endured and the kind of life he aspired for. At the bottom of it all, it’s mostly the story of a rags-to-riches man who doesn’t follow any principles. He wouldn’t have become rich in the first place if he had adopted a moral code.

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Few films that have hit the right note are thoroughly enjoyable. Iravin Nizhal is a little bit of both.

Within the constraints of the “single-take” that it has ambitiously — I might argue also pointlessly, but I’ll come to that — set for itself, this timeline turns out to be too much. The story feels rushed. To help the audience make sense of it, Parthiban helpfully uses the much-abused voiceover.

Although it was fun to be immersed in the world of his shadow, there was a gnawing voice in my head that constantly kept shouting: this is a gimmick – a gimmick so big that felt like he was pulling a rabbit out of a hat, which actually turned out to be a bandana.

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Iravin Nizhal is about a loan shark, Nandhu (Radhakrishnan Parthiban), who regrets his life of misfortune and then crime. He narrates this himself, sometimes like voice-of-god, at other times like his inner voice, often like a news anchor and more often like that self-indulgent uncle who can’t resist commenting on everything.

At no point does this feel engaging or entertaining. In its 90-minute runtime, Iravin Nizhal takes up the colossal responsibility of telling Nandhu’s story from life to death.

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Actor and director Parthiban’s attempt at an entire film made in a single-take is an impressive technical feat. In Iravin Nizhal, he oversees a host of characters, a story shifting back and forth over several years and claustrophobic sets while also starring in the film.

Pulling all this together could have been no easy task, even without Parthiban telling you so. But he does. Repeatedly. The first half hour of the film’s run time is taken up by an increasingly dizzying making-of sequence, to the point I was worried I’d accidentally walked in at the end.

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The standoff between Nandhu and the godman-criminal, you’re led to imagine, is the centre point of the plot. So why doesn’t enough time go into building up this enmity? Robo Shankar’s role can almost be labelled as a cameo.

He brings his usual brand of humour, but hardly any villainy. His comical portrayal of similar godmen, who in real life con thousands of people, is satisfying as parody. Only, plot wise, it seems completely discordant with how his relationship with Nandhu plays out later.

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Nandu (Parthiban) is a financier for films who hunts for a fake godman in order to exact revenge for something. After reaching the ashram of Swami Paramanandha, he learns that even the Swami is on the way to kill him.

What led Nandu to take this decision, what makes Nandu run for his life, his dark backstories form the plot of Iravin Nizhal.

It is widely known that Iravin Nizhal is a single shot non-linear film, and is the first film in the world to achieve this feat. Before the film begins, the makers place the making video of the film, which sets the tone and mood for the main picture that we are yet to witness.

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Overall, Irwin Nijl is a technical marvel, one that definitely needs clear writing. However what Parthiban achieves through this is path breaking, and makes us forget the flaws in the script and writing.

There are normal ‘Parthiban wordplay’ dialogues, but half of them distract us from the scene, affecting engagement. The acting of the actors, and the tenacity of Parthiban keeps us hooked for the entire duration, and the short duration also helps in the purpose of the film.