Jun 24, 2022 Movie Updates

Maamanithan Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Maamanithan Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p: Seenu Ramasamy’s heroes are not ordinary but extraordinary. They are extraordinary in the proportion that they are actually superheroes.

But unlike your regular superhero, Seenu Ramasamy’s protagonist draws on his superpower with his gestures of virtuosity and goodwill. In a sense, they are not only kind but also have a heart of gold.

So, it is only natural that Seenu Ramasamy’s screenplays are gold-plated minus the seikuli (labour) and setharam (collateral damage).

Maamanithan Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Maamanithan
Directed By: Seenu Ramasamy
Release Date: June 24, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

But the real damage in writing such good tales is, it becomes a tad simplistic and generic after a point. This is both a good and bad thing in Maamanithan.

You revel in the simplicity of the plot and heave a sigh of relief for the existence of such plain stories, until your prayers go unanswered.

Maamanithan is a simple story of a simple father Radhakrishnan (Vijay Sethupathi) and his simple wife Savithri (Gayathrie in yet another role where she has to suffer. Please, can we have better characters written for her?) and his simple children.

Maamanithan Movie Download in 480p

It is hard to guess the film’s timeline but going by the wallposters, it looks like Maamanithan is set in the 1990s — how appropriate, you might wonder. For, it has the vibe and emotion of V Sekhar’s films from the same era.

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Vijay Sethupathi as Radhakrishnan takes pride in being the first auto driver in his town Pannaipuram, the hometown of music legend Ilaiyaraaja, who has composed for the film along with his son, Yuvan Shankar Raja.

In the opening portion, we see Radhakrishnan with his kids and their routine: they take a ride in the auto, stop by at a tea shop owned by Ismaiel (Guru Somasundaram) to have eggs and buy freshwater fish.

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There is a beautiful scene where the father tells the kids that whenever they go through a hard time in life, they need to take a run. Because running, apparently, makes the mind fresh and gives you clarity to think.

What a boring piece of advice, you might think. But what Radhakrishnan says echoes into a plot point in the second half, where the roles get reversed and the daughter tells the father to run.

This little moment in the opening portion provides the drama for the second half, where Radhakrishnan is on the run. And he is running all through his life, carrying the burden on his shoulder.

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Even at a duration of around two hours, it feels rather sluggish. And after substantial reflection on it, I can confirm that my impatience isn’t necessarily on account of recent hits like Vikram and KGF 2 hurtling breathlessly from one entertaining moment to another.

Maamanithan just takes a bit too long with its set-up, with many of its mundane scenes. For instance, there’s the long scene of Radhakrishnan helping Savithri (Gayathrie) find a house.

There’s the whole introduction to his Muslim friend (Guru Somasundaram), and there’s the flashback that lets you learn the not-so-eventful circumstances surrounding the marriage of Radhakrishnan and Savithri. These are testing portions that should have been so much more.

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The film is also a bit too keen to celebrate its protagonist as a selfless saint. Perhaps he is one, but it feels like there are other characters who deserve as much acknowledgement. Radhakrishnan’s Muslim friend is a bit of a saint himself.