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Nawabzaade Full Movie Download Filmywap 720p 1080p

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download Filmywap 720p 1080p: Three best friends fall in love with a simple, home-grown girl in their neighbourhood. As they all go out of their way to win her love, they are pitted against each other in their endeavors.

Three friends with a pact to never let their girlfriends, when they have any, come between them fall in love with the same girl. They romance her, and propose her, leading to her accepting each and every one of their proposals.

But, one day, she mysteriously disappears, and the suspicion lands on the trio of friends. She was last spotted with them, but no one has any idea what happened to her thereafter.

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download Filmywap 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Nawabzaade
Directed By: Jayesh Pradhan
Release Date: July 27, 2018
Size: 400 Mb

Nawabzaade is a kind of B-grade Hindi cinema which is full of problems. It is the story of three friends from a modest neighborhood who are obsessed with finding the girl of their dreams.

However, there is a major obstacle. The trio mistakes every beautiful woman who looks in their direction to be ‘the one’. Feeling Familiar? You haven’t heard the end of it.

Most of the plot is recounted from the confines of a police station by Karan (Raghav Juyal), Abhishek (Punit Pathak), and Salim (Dharmesh Yelande). The man in charge, giving the three hapless blokes an audience, is inspector Kathor Singh (Vijay Raaz).

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download Filmywap

In between Singh’s deadpan wisecracks, we are given an understanding as to how the three men landed in jail. Best friends, Karan, Abhishek, and Salim, often get together every night to lament how every woman they pursue ends up with someone else.

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Karan is a fashion designing graduate from Delhi who works as a tailor in his uncle’s shop. Salim, a big Salman Khan fan, works as a kabadiwala to make ends meet.

Abhishek, who was named after the famous Bachchan son, is a 3D animator who puts up film posters for a living. Each of these men isn’t shy of a lech – that is the one thing they seem to have in common.

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download 720p

Be it at work or on the street, the mere sight of a good-looking woman has our jokers undertaking all sorts of inappropriate behaviour.

This behaviour ranges from staring and stalking to out-and-out lewdness – but the film conveniently passes this off as ‘boys being boys’. The narrative even attempts to convince us that this conduct doubles for confidence, somehow.

When the actual woman of their dreams makes an entrance, their sleazebag act gets even worse. Sheetal’s (Isha Rikhi) introduction scene is a case in point.

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download 1080p

As she moves into their modest mohalla, the three men in question (along with every other male onlooker) cannot peel their eyes away. It appears as if they are setting eyes on a young woman for the very first time in their existence.

If that isn’t bad enough, the voiceover of a main character refers to her in such glowing terms: santre jaisi raseeli (as juicy as an orange).

It goes without saying at this point (none of the trio has spoken to her as yet, of course) that Sheetal is the one.

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download

A terrible comedy filled with misogyny and sexism. In spite of their long list of questionable choices involving a female character, the three male leads are somehow passed off as good guys.