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Sep 06, 2021 Movie Updates

Sun Le Zara Song starring real life couple, Gautam and Pankhuri Rode

The self-stimulating single, Sun Le Zara, starring the real-life duo, Gautham and Pankhuri Rode, is a true testament to their magical chemistry! The romantic song has just arrived!

Ever since Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Rode tied the knot in 2018, their fans have only one question: E, when will the two come together on screen?

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Looks like all the prayers have finally been answered as the two have united for a romantic and soul stirring single, Sun Le Zara on Zee Music Originals, which released earlier today. Shot in the picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful valleys of Kashmir, the song not only highlights their magical chemistry but is also a true representation of pure love.

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Speaking on the song and the shooting experience, Gautham confirmed that, “Pankhuri and I always wanted to come together but we knew when we would, it would be for a special song and Sun Le Zara Bas Hai. I am excited to see the reaction of the audience on seeing both of us together for the first time and that too in the most romantic place on earth, Kashmir.”

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Pankhuri adds, “Shooting with Gautham for the first time after marriage feels amazing and surreal and that too amidst the beauty of Kashmir. The song is now one of my personal favorites and I am glad that we got a chance to do the same for our audience. We had so many requests to come together and do something romantic and Sun Le Zara does full justice to the same. “

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Zee Music Original’s single Sun Le Zara is out now.