Top 5 Best Hindi Web Series Watch Free on Youtube

Top 5 Best Hindi Web Series Can Make Your Day, Watch Free on Youtube. Aspirants, The Interns, Dude, Wronge Number Season 2, Poles Apart Web Series

To overcome the boredom of lockdown, you keep searching new Hindi web series and movies on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar. However, YouTube is completely forgotten at a time that consistently provides quality content to viewers. One of the best things about YouTube is that most of the movies, TV shows and Hindi web series viewers can watch for free here.

If you do not have some content left to watch or you want to see something different, then today we are going to share with you a list of 5 such Hindi web series, which can entertain you a lot. You can watch this complete Hindi web series on YouTube.

List of Top 5 Best Hindi Web Series on Youtube:

Aspirants Web Series:
It is the story of the journey of three UPSC (Public Service Competitive Examination in India) candidates and their friendship against all odds.
Aspirants is the story of 3 friends – Abhilash, Shwetketu (SK), and Guri. The story revolves around the past and the present, where the past depicts the struggle and drama behind the creation of UPSC CSE candidates in Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, while the present is talked about in the hereafter. This is the story of the journey of three UPSC candidates and most importantly – their friendship over all odds!

Interns Web Series:
Welcome to the life of three young Divas young trainees. They come with their own set of plays. Come along and see the power of these girls through their internships and their lives.
Lily, Ana and Viveka have joined Digital Diva as new interns. They are working very hard to make their mark in the office. They require strength through their personal and professional lives. It is going to be a fun ride filled with lots of drama.

Wrong Number Season 2 Web Series:
This season is all about new friendships, new equations and all new illusions. Someone from the past is about to enter the life of Khushi, Karan, Shukla and Ruchi. Guess who? Will Khushi forgive Karan? Will Shukla get the number of interest and what happened between Khushi and Rajat? We know you have a lot of questions and all these will be answered in season 2 of the wrong number!

poles apart:
The poles separate is the story of two persons who are like the ground and the sky. This is a source for a couple’s unique relationship journey that makes them stand ‘apart from the poles’! Hasley Originals new web show is full of fun, entertainment, tears and apparently friendship! And a small action.

close friend:
The Dude Web Series depicts the life of a detective, who tries his hand at hunting for the answers behind a shocking case. This entangles him in a relationship filled with confusing events. And the more he tries to untangle the truth, the more complicated he becomes. So if mystery, adventure and romance is something that captures your mind and soul.

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