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Jul 14, 2021 J&K Politics

‘Mehbooba Mufti playing fake games, has no spirit of being a true Indian’: Ravinder Raina

BJP state president Ravinder Raina did an interview with JK Media executive Ashish Kohli where he talked about Mehbooba Mufti and her ‘propaganda’ against the abrogation of Article 370. He also said that Mufti is only concerned about the jobs of Salahuddin’s children.



Sir Mehbooba Mufti often talks about the restoration of Article 370. What do you have to say on this?

Article 370 was abolished in August 2019. I think Mehbooba Mufti should have forgotten about it by now. This article has just become a history and Mufti will now be able to read about it in books.

Leaders like Mehbooba Mufti who depended on terrorism want it to be restored and we can understand why! But remember, Article 370 had deprived Pakistani refugees and Gurjar Bakarwals from their rights for 70 years.

Such leaders wanted to have their own laws. One Nation – 2 Laws! One Nation – 2 Flags! How is this even possible? Doesn’t make any sense at all.

Talking about identity, there are many states and union territories in India. We have Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. Every place has its own culture, language and identity. We Dogras have our own identity in Jammu, Kashmiris in Kashmir and Buddhists of Leh have our own identity. No one can ever take it away. This is just a propaganda to create hatred in the minds of the people.

> Recently 11 people were fired, including a terrorist of Salahuddin, his 2 children. what do you think

I think it is Mehbooba Mufti’s concern right now. He is concerned about the government jobs of Salahuddin’s children. But the people of Kashmir are aware of his antics. He shed the blood of many poor children but got his children work from the department of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

Not only Salahuddin, but other leaders of Kashmir have sent their children to Delhi, Mumbai and abroad for jobs, but have killed a common Kashmiri. These people are criminals.

Today every law of India is working in Jammu and Kashmir. Anti Corruption Bureau. The NIA is doing an amazing job with its search operation and that is one of the obvious reasons why these leaders are in trouble.

When the ED or NIA catches the culprits, these leaders call them the ‘tool’ of the Centre. Why so?

The department is doing its job. Why would they act as tools? Kashmiri leaders did not allow Article 370 to be easily abolished for 70 years because it all happened here. Now that NIA, ACB, Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Women, National Commission for ST, SC and OBC. He kept Pahari, Gurjar and other true Indians away from their rights.

Article 370 was a wall of hatred and Madam Mufti will now be able to see it only in dreams.

> Sir, last question. Mufti often talks about Pakistan in Kashmir, has blocked most of the leaders of Jammu and now suddenly Jammu is remembered. what’s all this?

This is because the Mufti can see that their control over the people of Kashmir is decreasing. She is giving jobs to the children of Geelani and Salahuddin and sending the youth of Kashmir with guns to Pakistan. Showing concern for Jammu is all a fake game because it doesn’t have the spirit of being a true Indian.

‘Mehbooba Mufti playing fake game, doesn’t have the spirit of being a true Indian’ post: Ravinder Raina first appeared on JK Media.

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