11 Best Twitter Management Tools

cum tweet

You came to Twitter to promote your brand, but you realize the opposite is happening, you are wasting a lot of time fixing and managing things and now everything is in vain. Don’t feel responsible because it’s not that you are disabled, it’s just that you are not using the magic wand i.e. Twitter management tool.

Yes, Twitter management tools are no less than a magic wand. Being an innovative social media manager, all you have to do is decide on a Twitter management tool to reduce your burden and increase your efficiency without burning a hole in your pocket. There are a lot of them available nowadays.

So here is a list of Twitter management tools that will do wonders for you – CoTweet, Twhirl, EasyTweets, TweetDeck, Twitter, PeopleBrowser, Ping, Sendible, Tweetie, Buffer, and SocialPilot.

If you are a beginner then you need not worry, we have made our list keeping this in mind. So, invest in any of these Twitter management tools, and on your mark, set off, go. Go and scale new heights.

11 User-Friendly Twitter Management Tools Picked For You

The following are Twitter management tools that will be useful to you:

1# Quote

cum tweet

With this free Twitter management tool, you can assign a task to your coworkers. Only one login is needed to monitor 5 accounts.

CoTweet saves you time by allowing you to split a task with your team, which they can view on the CoTweet page itself.

2# affair


If you want to take advantage of Twirl’s services then you need to have Adobe AIR platform. It helps you detect tweets mentioning your username.

It enables you to share images, DMs, URL shortening, etc. The best part is that Twirl has a customizable interface.

3# Easy Tweets

easy tweet

It helps you auto-post links to blog updates and view your followers in chronological order. EasyTweets gives you 30 days guarantee. They claim to give your money back with confidence and promise to give you complete control over Twitter.

This Twitter management tool allows you to evaluate RSS traffic, which introduces you to user behavior.

4# Tweetdeck


TweetDeck tracks multiple accounts and updates them with the help of TweetDeck, which was initially a free app and was later purchased by Twitter Inc.0.

You can use it as a Chrome app or a web app. This popular tool interfaces with Twitter’s API. Its best thing is that it is user friendly.

5# Twitter


Whether you want to save, manage, translate or schedule Tweets using this web-based site. Its Pro package is available for up to 10 users for $49 per month, billed annually, while its Starter package is available for a single user for $29 per month, billed annually.

6# People Browser

people browser

PeopleBrowser has been serving the interests of users since May 2008, when it first launched an in-depth search dashboard to manage social streams. To talk about the current status of PeopleBrowser, in March 2020, it released The Kred DNS ENS Domains.

7# ping


Not all Twitter management tools are a comprehensive free tool for setting up accounts and logging in with an email address. As a marketer, use this tool to protect your brand. This user friendly website is bound to do wonders for you.

8# sendable


Sendible helps you progress by leaps and bounds because what used to take you a month gets completed in just a week. Thanks for sending! So, be smart and use the rest of the time to make plans for the betterment of your company. This tool can be used by 15 users to manage 105 social profiles and it is free for 14 days. Pricing: Expansion – $399 per month, Scale – $199 per month, Traction – $89 per month and Producer – $29

9# Tweety


Launched in 2009, this tool allows you to handle multiple twitterAccounts by giving you access to DMS and replies. If you want to see your conversation history, all you have to do is a double click. But you can take advantage of tweets only if you have a iPhone or Mac.

10# buffer


This magical tool called Buffer enables you to drastically increase your viewership by allowing you to easily project your story.

It gives a free trial of 14 days for up to 6 users for 25 social channels.

Paid Plans – Pro: $15 per month, Premium: $65 per month, and Business: $99 per month

11# Social Pilot

social pilot

Social Pilot helps you evaluate your performance on social media platforms. As a result, social media begins to improve.

It gives a 14-day free trial to up to 10 users for 75 social media accounts.

Paid Plans – Professional: $30 per month, Small Team: $50 per month, Studio: $100 per month, and Agency: $150 per month

in short

In this technology driven world, it is natural and sensible to use available technology. Twitter management tools are one such example. I hope your search for the best Twitter management tools has ended with this article. So, consider all the factors and choose wisely.


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