How To Hack Phishing Facebook Account?

Nov 03, 2021 Technology

4 Easy Ways On How To Hack Facebook Account? You’ll Be Amazed

There are a lot of websites that claim that they can easily hack anyone’s Facebook account. are they real? If yes, then how to hack Facebook account? Let’s clarify something first. Websites that claim to hack someone’s Facebook account are fake and designed to allow users to download harmful apps. Websites get paid for by downloading these apps, a question for technology lovers, which is answered in another article.

Second, Facebook is a billion dollar company that spends a lot of money protecting itself from being hacked and has top notch talented engineers who work very hard to make Facebook secure. Therefore, it is not possible to hack Facebook account, and if someone claims that their ID has been hacked, it simply means that someone has stolen their password; And to be honest, stealing is not hacking.

No regular person can hack your Facebook account because it is impossible to hack Facebook server. If someone succeeds in doing this impossible task, he/she cannot decipher the password as Facebook stores each and every password in an encrypted form. The only thing the person can do is steal your password. There are a few ways that someone can steal your login credentials, and these include phishing, keyloggers, social engineering, spy apps.

Scroll down and read some of the four standard password-stealing methods (in a way, you say these are some ways to hack a Facebook account!!).

Ways to steal passwords | how to hack facebook account

Here in this article, we will share with you some common methods that can be used to steal login credentials of a Facebook account and show you some ways how to protect yourself from them.

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How To Hack Phishing Facebook Account?

Phishing occurs when someone creates a duplicate website that looks like an exact copy of the original website designed to deceive users where they reveal their required login details.

How does this happen?

For example, take someone who creates a duplicate website similar to a Facebook login page to steal passwords. Then it sends you the link, and if you click on the link and enter your login there, however you will be redirected to error 404, all login credentials will be saved on the fake website which the creator can easily access .

How to create duplicate Facebook login page?

  • Get Facebook Phishing Script from the Internet
  • Then upload this script to the website hosting site.
  • By doing this you will get the link, share the link with anyone whose Facebook details you want to steal.

How to protect yourself from these phishing accounts?

  • Check the URL when you enter these websites. For example, when you enter the original Facebook website, the last part of the UR is the website name, i.e. In phishing websites, the URL is simply ambiguous.
  • Do not click on links shared by anyone, and if you have clicked, check the URL.



a keylogger There is a software/application that needs to be installed on the victim’s device to access the Facebook account. These applications record what you enter or type on the phone and send all the records to the perpetrator.

You can access these applications from phones and computers and download them from the Internet. Read the manual before installing this software.

How to protect yourself from keylogger?

  • Use a password on your PC and phone, and don’t let anyone access it.
  • The application runs in the background and steals everything you type by recording your keyboard activity. Check the taskbar if someone installed software on your device without your knowledge, and uninstall them if you find any unknown software running.
  • Another way to protect yourself from keyloggers is to use the on-screen keyboard to type the required login credentials.

social networking

social networking

This is a very common method used by people claiming themselves to be hackers under social networking. There are few methods like password guessing and account recovery option.

As the name suggests, password guessing is a method in which someone tries to gain access to the person’s Facebook account by the hit and test method of guessing the password.

Account Recovery Options / Password Recovery

For this method, you must have access to the victim’s phone number and email address. Well, you can quickly get a user’s email ID or phone number from their account page, and you can get their Facebook ID from the URL.

What you have to do:

  • Go to the Facebook login page, enter the email address of the personal account you want to hack, and then click Forgot Password.
  • You will be redirected to the new page which will ask for recovery option.
  • Select the recovery from the person’s phone number option. If you have the number and its phone, you can easily change the password, and boom, the account will be hacked.

spy apps

spy apps

This method is not meant to steal passwords, but is one that can be a one-stop solution to the main reason you want to hack someone’s account, that is, spy on that person.

These apps are installed on victims’ devices and are similar to keyloggers but more advanced and record all activities on the phone such as photos, screenshots, browser history, contacts, and all the chats you share on social media. Send all records to the victim. . You can download these apps from internet.

How to protect yourself from spy apps?

  • Don’t let anyone access your phone.
  • Check Task Manager, and if you think someone has installed these apps on the phone, you will find the application in real run time of the taskbar.

how to hack facebook page

If you think your Facebook Page has been hacked and someone is accessing it, the information mentioned above could be how he got the Page login credentials, or you could say that your Page was hacked has gone.

last word

Here I end the article on hacking a Facebook account/page through some of the four common password-stealing methods. If you find this article useful, then share it and if you have any question regarding this then comment.