Detailed Introduction to Cookies & Its 2 Types

Third-Party Cookies: A Brief Introduction to Cookies and Its 2 Types

Are you not familiar with the frequent popping banners that appear immediately whenever you visit a website? Most of us have gotten used to just clicking the “Accept” button without knowing the reasoning behind the message. Without reading the rest of the message, click on the “close” option and go to the website they opened in the first place.

But the thing to think about is what is the point of this banner popping up immediately. For starters, it is called the Cookie Banner. And companies with a worldwide presence online actually use it to their advantage.

The article provides some useful insights by explaining what cookies are, a brief introduction to cookies, And Some of their types and how they may affect your personal or personal data. Initially, it is recommended to understand what a cookie is. Unlike the delicious biscuits that everyone likes, an online cookie is quite different.

From saving your initials to identifying users to displaying customized web pages, cookies only store user data on a website. In addition, cookies are the only online trackers that track user information from visiting a website for the first time (user). And the data collected from regular visits is used to create a customized content based on user similarity.

Know about cookies and its types

They are usually divided into two types, based on the kind of activities that cookies perform. In addition, websites can use all three types to track multiple user activities.

Third-party cookies

Third-Party Cookies: A Brief Introduction to Cookies and Its 2 Types

These specific types of cookies are a primitive reason that special advertisements for a specific product follow you on various websites, including social media platforms. Let’s say you bought a specific product on Google that you wanted to buy. From the very next moment, advertisements for that product will follow you on various websites and social media platforms.

Also known as a tracking cookie, third-party cookies eagerly gather all your online activities, which are analyzed to show relevant informational ads based on your research. It is based on your online activity. Whenever you visit a website, all your history is collected and tracked using this type of cookie. However, by accessing the browser settings, you can easily close and limit any specific website to track your online activity.

In addition, you can also enable cookies on any desired website. All you have to do is search How to enable cookies in Chrome on Mac On any other browser like Google or Safari and follow the mentioned steps.

Instance or session cookies

Session Cookies: A Brief Introduction to Cookies and Its 2 Types

As the name suggests, session cookies are example cookies that are used by various websites to collect and collect user data for a desired and specific session. User data will be stored during that specific period and will be deleted as soon as the session is complete. These cookies are often referred to as temporary cookies because they are usually temporarily stored in the browser’s memory. Often used in online shopping websites, session cookies do not collect user data. Also, these cookies are effective on websites where information is usually sent to different pages.

Are cookies good or bad?

Understanding the types, let us come to the main question which is: Is cookies a safe practice for both the user and the owner of the website? As mentioned above, cookies are nothing but regular text files that are used to gather user data to be stored in a computer. Since they are simple text files, they are not responsible for the transfer of any malware or virus.

But there are some cookies including zombie cookies and super cookies that can pose a security risk. Judging from the name, a zombie cookie is a third-party cookie that is more difficult to detect and may inadvertently track your online history. This is quite difficult to detect. Super-cookies, on the other hand, are responsible for storing data permanently. The data stored on the computer using a super-cookie is much harder to delete than that stored by a regular cookie.


There is no denying that cookies not only changed our online surfing experience by making them quite efficient, but also useful for tracking data. Nevertheless, it is recommended to assess all the risks involved in the process before using them daily.


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