How to Delete OnlyFans Account: Permanently?

Oct 29, 2021 Technology

How To Delete OnlyFans Account In 4 Easy Steps?

You are the owner of the subscription but now want to delete OnlyFans account. How can you do that? How to Delete OnlyFans Account? One good reason to try and delete all credit card credentials from OnlyFans account is the numerous allegations of fraud and theft on this platform and reports of users having their money stolen from their account.

As the name suggests, OnlyFans is a social platform where people can follow content creators and download their shared data. The platform has over 100 million registered users worldwide and one million content creators to choose from. To follow the sole fan creator, you have to first pay some amount and link the bank or credit card statement.

Although all kinds of content creators are available here, from physical fitness experts, cooks, musicians who regularly post content online, the platform is usually associated with adult content as it allows explicit content and pornography. Now, as soon as controversy and threats come on the forum user wants to delete account permanently but how to delete fan account only? There are two ways, first from your profile and secondly by contacting the customer care service.

Deleting your OnlyFans account means that you cancel all subscriptions and remove credit card details attached to individual Onlyfans Creators subscriptions. But remember, once you delete the account, save the data shared by creators you are subscribed to, once you delete the account, you will no longer have access to the shared media.

4 easy steps to permanently delete fan only account

Here i will discuss with you how you can delete OnlyFans account in 4 easy steps and protect your money from potential risk of theft. Also, once you delete the account permanently, you will no longer be charged for the subsequent monthly subscription.

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How to Delete OnlyFans Account: Permanently?

1# Easiest 4 step to delete fan account only

Follow these steps with which you can easily delete your OnlyFans account which will remove your credit card credentials

  • Click in the top right of your only fan page (computer) or in the bottom right if accessed from your phone.
  • This will open the swipe list, which will have a setting option
  • Click on Settings > Account. Under Account Management, you will have the option of Delete.
  • Click Delete Account > Enter Captcha and then Verify to Delete

That’s all, your account is deleted, and the money is out of danger. The user account is immediately deleted, and you will not receive a refund if you have paid a fee to follow the creator and cannot request a refund on the subscription. After you delete your account, all your access to videos, photos and creators will be immediately removed.

However, if it is a creator account, it takes a few days to permanently delete the account and shared media. The account will be deleted after the last active subscription by the fan expires. Between these days, the producer can rejoin, but all of his videos and shared media are removed from the platform if he doesn’t.

2# How to delete fans only accounts by contacting customer support?

How to delete fans only accounts by contacting customer support?

If you face any problem deleting account yourself, you can contact customer support to delete account.

By following these simple steps you can get help of customer support to delete account permanently

  • In support, Compose an email with the valid email address associated with the onlyfans account.
  • In the subject, write for Request To Delete My Account.
  • Send the mail, and customer support will delete the account, although it will take some time.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after the account has been deleted.

last word

I hope this article will help you and satisfy your question regarding deleting OnlyFans accounts. However, there is little or no chance if you want to recover your permanently deleted account. Well you can try if recovery works by contacting Customer Support on OnlyFans’ contact page and mailing them. So, make sure you want to delete the account.