inverter battery capacity

Oct 29, 2021 Technology

User-Friendly Checklist To Buy The Best Inverter Battery!

With hundreds of battery options available in the market, choose from best inverter battery Can be a challenging task. In fact, many people buy the most expensive battery thinking that the higher the cost of the battery, the better the inverter battery. But that is not how one should choose inverter battery. Instead one must carefully consider some very important points that help determine correct inverter battery. Let’s find out what these points are.

Checklist Before Buying the Best Inverter Battery

1# Battery Capacity

inverter battery capacity

The battery capacity of an inverter is the number of backup hours it provides to run all your home appliances. It is measured in Ah (ampere hour). The higher the battery capacity, the greater the power backup, but that’s not the only thing that matters. You need a battery that comes with a fast recharging system. So, suppose, you live in an area where there are frequent power cuts. In such cases, a battery that provides long power backup and recharges quickly is required. Tubular batteries are recommended here. They provide long backup hours.

2# Battery Type

inverter battery type

flat plate battery

flat plate battery Ideal for areas with minimal power cuts. They are a type of lead-acid battery composed of two terminals, a positive terminal and a negative terminal. One of the major advantages of using a flat plate battery is that it charges at a higher speed. Although these batteries are relatively inexpensive, they do require regular maintenance. To ensure optimum performance, frequent water top-ups are required

the profit
  • fast charge
  • Cheap
  • Regular maintenance is required.
  • Have a shorter shelf-life than tubular batteries.
  • Short warranty period.
  • Not designed for repeated deep discharges.
  • Effusion of active substance due to acid.

tubular battery

In tubular battery Recommended for areas that experience prolonged power outages, such as Tier 2, Tier 3 and city outskirts. Tubular batteries are manufactured with a double layer protective coating. Therefore, they require less maintenance – and provide greater reliability. Although they are slightly more expensive than flat plate batteries, they ensure a longer lifespan – and a longer warranty period. They are of two types: short tubular battery and long tubular battery.

the profit
  • Provides longer duration of power backup
  • Requires less water top-up than flat plate batteries
  • low positive plate shedding
  • Offers more reliability than flat plate batteries
  • long warranty period
  • Relatively more expensive than flat plate batteries

3# Battery Warranty

battery warranty

If you don’t want to run around and change your battery after every few years then you should consider buying a battery with higher battery warranty but if you are looking to buy a budget inverter battery then you can go for the battery There is a short warranty. When you take same brand battery but different warranty then battery quality is same. Only the term life of the battery varies.

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Battery warranty has two components-

  • FOC: Free warranty type. Under the FOC, if your battery fails, you are entitled to a free replacement from the company.
  • Prorated: Under pro rata warranty type, if the battery fails, within pro rata warranty period. User can return the battery and get a discount (with respect to the prorated period) on the purchase of a new battery

A high warranty period ensures long lasting performance of the battery. We recommend that you opt for more FOC months.

last word

Now that you are aware of the factors to keep in mind while looking for inverter batteries, we suggest that you buy only from a well-known brand that has a strong customer base and is well known for inverter battery manufacturing and sales. be longer. few years. One such brand that you can consider is Luminous India. They have a wide range of inverter battery products and the good thing is that they are reasonably priced.