Oct 15, 2021 Entertainment

Kelly Price Gives Fans An Update On Her Health

After the battle with COVID-19 earlier this year, Kelly Price Keeping her fans updated about her current health status. Posting to her Instagram on Thursday (October 14), the gospel singer shared a long caption to share how she was feeling.…

Oct 14, 2021 Entertainment

‘Shameless’ Actor’ Ricarlo Flanagan Dies Of COVID

Ricardo Flanagan, seen in Shameless and Last Comic Standing, has died at the age of 40. KMR Talent's Flanagan's Agent Stu Golfman Reveals Diversity That he died of COVID, “Sadly, this pandemic has taken the life of an extremely talented…

Oct 13, 2021 Entertainment

Smokey Robinson Reveals He Nearly Died From COVID-19

Coronavirus continues to impact our favorite stars and iconic Motown singer Smokey Robinson It turned out that the virus almost took his life. The Grammy Award-winning singer shared that in December last year, he spent 11 days in a Los…

Sep 20, 2021 Entertainment

Jacqueline Jackson Encourages People To Get Vaccinated

He had spent time in the ICU. .

Sep 13, 2021 Entertainment

NYC Public Schools Reopen With No Student Vaccine Mandate For The School District

Schools in New York City opened Monday (Sept. 13) without giving parents the option of distance learning, as cases of the highly transmitted COVID-19 delta variant rise across the country. The school district is conducting the nation's largest experiment with…

Aug 31, 2021 Entertainment

South African Researchers Studying New Coronavirus Variant | Global

Researchers in South Africa are looking at a new coronavirus variant they say has many of the same hallmarks as other strains, including alpha, beta and gamma. CNN report The variant named C.1.2 has popped up across the country as…

Aug 20, 2021 Entertainment

Mourning Her Daughter’s COVID-19 Related Death, A Florida Mom Warns Sending Kids Back To School Is ‘Reckless’ And ‘Ignorant’

Written by Mikasha Young-Holmes as told to Chandra Thomas Whitfield This story was originally published on BET.com on August 25, 2020 and is being re-shared later Several Florida parents recently sued Against the state and the government. Ron DeSantis. Parents…

Aug 18, 2021 Entertainment

‘Don’t Diss:’ Drake Blames COVID-19 For Temporary Hair Loss

Fly It was revealed on Tuesday (August 18) that she had COVID-19, and the virus had affected her hairline. revelation came one after another instagram fan account The rapper's hair mocked the shaved heart design. The fan commented, "That heart…

Aug 12, 2021 Entertainment

Prayers Up!: Beyoncé’s Former Personal Trainer Dies From Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, and Beyoncé and his mother, Tina Knowles-LawsonThe singer and entrepreneur's former personal trainer is devastated by a terrible loss after he died of COVID-19. On Wednesday (August 11) on her Instagram, Knowles-Lawson shared…

Aug 09, 2021 Entertainment

Flyers Discouraging Black People From Getting Vaccinated Circulate In Maryland

Flyers are circulating in Prince George's County, Md., spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine and apparently targeting African Americans. According to NBC Washington, resident Sam Williams said she cried when a relative showed her to travelers the experimental coronavirus vaccine…