Sep 21, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry’s Take On Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Look

"I can't mess with that, Kim," Perry said as Medea. .

Sep 21, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry Has A Hilarious Reaction To Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look | Celebrities

tyler perry had a hilarious take Kim KardashianMet Gala outfit. In a clip posted to her social media, Perry turns to her famous character and alter-ego Medea, head-to-toe (literally) to comment on the black Balenciaga ensemble. related: How did Tyler…

Aug 11, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry Gives Actress Who Paid For Billboard Lead Role

She paid a billboard in 2019 to get Perry's attention. .

Aug 10, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry Gives Actress Racquel Palmer Who Paid For Billboard Lead In New Series

Actress Raquel Palmer The award-winning media mogul caught his attention tyler perry With a straight-forward Billboard, and now she has been cast as the lead in their upcoming show. She will now star in Perry's latest series as Blue, a…

Jul 13, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 3 Casts New Regulars

With the mid-season premiere of season two Tyler Perry's The Ovala Airing this month, some of the faces will join the cast as series regulars for season three, which premieres this fall. Nick Barrotta, who played Allen on the BET…

Jul 07, 2021 Entertainment

In the Hot Seat

As Calvin and Laura prepare for premarital counseling, Curtis steps in to offer them relationship advice of her own, which leaves the couple at odds with each other. .

Jun 29, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry Celebrates ‘Sistas’ Star Crystal Renee Hayslett

She was once the stylist of his wardrobe. .

Jun 23, 2021 Entertainment

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Jun 20, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry Announces Entertainment District Near Production Studio

tyler perry and bishop TD Jake There are some big plans for the film director and showrunner's studio facility over the next few years. According to time limit, the two have acquired more than 130 acres of land adjacent to…

May 27, 2021 Entertainment

Tyler Perry's Bruh Trailer