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Timepass 3 (Marathi) 2022 Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p, 360p

Timepass 3 (Marathi) 2022 Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p, 360p: The third edition of Ravi Jadhav’s hit comedy franchise Timepass, the Siddhant character, Dagadu aka DSP (played by Prathmesh Parab) oozes with young foibles and romantic adventures, yet again.

The 2015 sequel, Timepass 2, was set 15 years after the first part. So this third installment, Timepass 3, takes the story to a little Dagdu, and his friends, Kombada, Malaria and Balbharti.

The story largely focuses on Dagdu’s ‘hook or badass’ attempt to pass the 12th standard examination and proceeds with paying a princely sum of Rs 25,000 to gain admission in science with his ‘typical’ 36% marks.

Timepass 3 (Marathi) 2022 Movie Download in 720p

Once in college, Dagdu seeks to turn a new leaf and almost succeeds – until he falls for Tapori Porgi Palvi (Hrita Durgule), the daughter of a don named Dinkar Patil aka DP (Sanjay Narvekar).

Palvi falls in love with Dagdu’s newly entangled calm, soft-spoken, gentlemanly demeanor. But of course, their old flame’s father Prajakta, the villain-in-chief Madhav Lele aka Shakal (Vaibhav Mangal), is not going to allow this new ‘true love’ to run its course.

There’s not much plot at work here – just another set of events with a few punch lines and rhyming dialogue to generate the comical moments. But more than the slapstick set-piece, it’s the mashed-up lingo that earns some titers.

Timepass 3 (Marathi) 2022 Movie Download Filmyzilla

Nothing to laugh out loud here… but the first 40 awkward minutes of runtime manages to earn a good smile before the story gets overwhelming and everyone is weighed down by contradictions, misguided religious anger, and emotion. 

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Even though there’s a fair bit of entertainment to be had here, it does feel as if Ravi Jadhav and his co-scriptwriters have run out of ideas and so are basically making do with mediocre material just to keep the brand alive in public memory.

The Timepass franchise that has captivated audiences for its mix of hit music and riotous comedy has clearly become famous and inspired in its third season.

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The movie is a complete family entertainer with the perfect mix of humour, romance and drama and it will definitely appeal to the fanbase of the established and loved franchise,” Manish Kalra, chief business officer, ZEE5 India said in a statement.

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The scenes featuring Sanjay Narvekar as Don Dinkar Patil torturing his victims in a comical manner have a certain appeal as it is presented in a humorous manner. The performances are well suited to the theme and the mixed cast manages to have a good comedic timing.

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In such a situation, there is a curiosity among Marathi film lovers whether Praju’s character will be seen in this film or not? However, the characters of Madhav Lele (Vaibhav Mangal) and Dagdu (Prathamesh Parbha) are seen in the teaser.

Presented by Zee Studios and directed by Ravi Jadhav, the teaser of ‘Timepass 3’ was released recently. It is worth mentioning that ‘Timepass’ and ‘Timepass 2’ had become hits and hence all eyes are on ‘Timepass 3’.

Timepass 3 (Marathi) 2022 Movie Download Khatrimaza

According to the makers, there is a twist in Part 3. The center of attraction of this Part 3 teaser is the character of Palvi Dinkar Patil played by Hrita Durgule.

A doubt has been clarified by the makers that the story is not about Dagdu’s post marriage but during his teenage years. One thing is certain that film lovers will not have to wait much, because the film will be released on July 29, 2022.