Vitthal Teedi web series download filmywap 480p

Jul 04, 2021 Web Series

Vitthal Teedi web series download filmywap 480p

Vitthal Teedi web series download filmywap 480p: Prateek Gandhi attracted thousands of fans with his performance in last year’s Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story. He is following it up with a Gujarati web series, titled Vitthal Teedi.

Its trailer was launched on Saturday. In the show Prateek plays the role of a man of humble origin and an exceptional skill with playing cards. He is a gambler that no one can beat, winning the game against all his opponents.

However, when he decides to join the big leagues, getting a taste of city life, his fate throws him a curveball. There are really big fish in the sea, ready to swallow it whole. It is not his luck but his skill as a player that will keep him alive.

Vitthal Teedi web series download filmywap 480p

Based on a short story by Mukesh Sojitra, it is the story of the titular character Vitthal Teidi, who will do anything for the happiness of his family. After losing their mother at an early age, Vitthal and his sister Vandana were raised by their father.

To support his family financially, Vitthal starts playing poker, becomes addicted to playing cards, gambles to run the family as well as supports his brother’s education. This also gives him the title of ‘Tidi’, which replaces his last name Tripathi, when translated into Gujarati means card of 3. Things start going downhill for him as his family faces many big hurdles and there is no money left to face them. The story is about Vitthal’s moral dilemma as he tries to save the day at the cost of his conscience.

How to watch ‘Vitthal Teedi Web Series’ Online?

After knowing all the details and information about the TV series release, let us now go into detail about how to watch the show. You can follow the steps given here to watch the Runway Lugai Web Series Watch online.

  • download Mx player, Amazon Prime or Netflix. Go to the app or the official website.
  • Next, sign up and create a new account.
  • Select the plans you want to subscribe to.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • After payment, you will be subscribed now Mx player.
  • Now you can search the series using the search option.
  • Click on the series and enjoy it.

It seems that Prateek Gandhi is one of those actors who has received a phenomenal background score in every project he has done. If you like the background score and title theme music of Scam 1992, you will fall in love with Vitthal Teedi’s theatrical title theme, which is reminiscent of the 80s Amitabh action drama created by Kedar and Bhargava.

Aditya Gadhvi has also left himself behind with the title track of the song. Series director Abhishek Jain mentioned in an interview with Republic World that the show is stylized in the 1980s – and how! This is reflected in the beginning and end credits, music, power-packed dialogue and non-subtle vocals of Amitabh Bachchan’s action-dramas of the ’80s – particularly the iconic Red Jacket of the 1981 hit Laawaris.

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Each actor in the series has his own. Be it Raagi Jani’s performance as the caring patriarch, Vrinda Trivedi’s flexible and supportive sister of Vitthal, Prem Gadhvi’s frivolous Kanu Dutti and even Hellaro actor Shraddha Dangar making short appearances.

She plays Vitthal’s potential love interest – each one experienced and perfect in their own way. The use of authentic Kathiawadi brought from the interiors of Gujarat is impressive, especially as it is still heard in the pockets of Junagadh. It’s fascinating to see each and every actor following Lilt to the Tea. Subtitles provide a great help to those who are unfamiliar with Gujarati, the actors ensure it with their expressions.

The series is a definite visual treat. The fact that it is one of the simplest stories is what makes it beautiful. The characters are well established in the first season, completely engaging the audience in their lives. This is the right way to predict the next season of any series.

The show may or may not mesh very well with that kind of rustic, rural setting. The show is heavily dialogue-driven by a ‘poker’-faced Prateek Gandhi. It works in parts, but someone who isn’t familiar with the show’s setting (timeline and location), or even poker, will want to understand the game’s intricacies.

Vitthal Teedi web series download filmywap 480p

Curious about making Vitthal the best player of all time – as has been repeatedly claimed. However, the joy of watching him deliver these dialogues as a narrator and participant brings the story to life. Also, the six-episode show ends too soon. By the time one settles into the story, connecting with the characters, it’s finished, but with the promise of the next season.

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