Largest Covid outbreak in China closes Beijing transport links

Aug 02, 2021 World News

Largest Covid outbreak in China closes Beijing transport links

Although the case count is significantly lower than in other places, it is believed to be the biggest outbreak in months in China, a country that was largely successful last year in controlling the virus within its borders, reports the BBC. stated in.

The first cases were reported at Nanjing airport in July, among workers who cleaned a plane that had arrived from Russia.

Authorities immediately tested Nanjing’s 9.2 million residents and imposed a lockdown on hundreds of thousands more.

But over the weekend, headlines turned to Zhangjiajie, a popular tourist destination in Hunan province, where several fresh cases have been reported.

Travelers from Nanjing are believed to have recently visited the city.

The BBC reports that health officials have entered a theater in Zhangjiajie, and are now trying to track down about 5,000 people who attended the performance and then traveled to their home towns.

According to reports, one performance alone had hosted around 2,000 people.

Local media reports said that all attractions in Zhangjiajie have been closed and tourists are being asked to take a COVID test before leaving the city.

“Zhangjiajie has now become the new base of China’s epidemic outbreak,” China’s leading respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan told reporters.

The new outbreak has also reached Beijing, with the city reporting several locally transmitted infections.

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