PM Modi Brings Back 157 Stolen Indian Artefacts Returned By US Government

Sep 28, 2021 World News

PM Modi Brings Back 157 Stolen Indian Artefacts Returned By US Government

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said that out of 50 newly sanctioned colleges in Jammu and Kashmir, 48 have been made operational after the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

The ministry also said that the GI tag saffron of Kashmir is now reaching the north eastern states of India as well.

“Back to Village scheme has been implemented. To understand the problems of the people, the gazetted officers have to stay for two days and one night in the panchayat and the block assigned to them.

“Saffron is traditionally associated with famous Kashmiri cuisine and its medicinal values ​​are a part of the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. Kashmiri saffron has got the Gl tag. Now Kashmiri saffron is reaching the north-eastern states as well.

It is written in the booklet that Ukhu village of Pulwama is going to get the tag of “Pencil Wala Village”.

It said, “90 per cent of the country’s pencil slate is produced here and reaches different parts of the country.”

“Out of 50 newly sanctioned colleges, 48 ​​colleges with around 6,700 students have been made operational. Also seven new medical colleges were operated and sanctioned while five new nursing colleges were approved.

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The booklet also mentions that the Indian Winter Games were held in Gulmarg for the first time.

It said that the nutrition development program launched by the Prime Minister has gained momentum and the expenditure on it in February 2021 has doubled as compared to 2018.

“Srinagar’s long-awaited Ram Bagh flyover has been opened. IIT Jammu got its own campus and the work of AIIMS, Jammu has also started. The wait for the Atal Tunnel ended when the Prime Minister dedicated it to the nation.

The Jammu Semi Ring Road and the 8.45-km-long, New Banihal Tunnel will be opened this year, while the world’s highest 467-metre bridge over the Chenab river is likely to be completed this year, the booklet said.

“Under the establishment of Jammu and Kashmir Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation – 2375 projects have been sanctioned at a cost of Rs.7110.78 crore. 1100 projects have been completed at a cost of Rs 1555.16 crore.

“There has been a significant increase in the number and progress of hydroelectric projects. The contracts for 1000 MW Pakaldul Project and 624 MW Kiru Project have been awarded.

“With the Jhelum flood mitigation project, the capacity of river Jhelum has increased by 10,000 cusecs. Metro projects worth Rs 10,599 crore being planned in Jammu and Srinagar